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Tentacle times

Treasure your tentacles

skirt ZARA / bag and jewelery ACCESSORIZE / top ZARA / gilet MONSOON / shoes TOPSHOP / ph PAULTGF

I want a change. My hair. SO BORING. No idea what to do with it, but I’m so fed up! What can I do?  ..upon asking one particualar friend. “What? Change your hair? Why! You’re rocking that octopus.” Excuse me ..rocking that what? “Your bun style! It’s perfect! I wish I could make mine look so magically messy, casual and super low-maintenance at the same time.”
Ok, hold on, I’m confused. Are you telling me that this heat-friendly bun is a thing nowadaysLike ..trendy? “YES! It’s called ‘the octopus’.” AS IF!! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I do agree that a lack of effort can be cool, but don’t tell me that this sweaty-hairstyle is now fashionable. It’s practical and boring – nothing more, nothing less.
I need a serious change. Not fashionable, not magical, just something that works on me. something that suits the sweaty, and non-sweaty me. Please help and be serious now, otherwise this octopus will come and strangle you with all it’s tentacles whaaaaaa.


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