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 FM MAGAZINE, June issue

Blogger and stylist, B-BICHE, our Dutch girl with a French name, is living her Mediterranean dream. She styles windows, models, strangers and of course her gorgeous baby girl Lola Olivia. Our resident Mum On The Run, shares her tips and tricks on how to balance comfort and style


Kicking off with an exhageratedly early wake-up call from Lola, followed by the standard coffee, nappy change, porridge and play-time, I was finally ready for my Monday to officially start. Meetings, meetings, and yet more meetings are on my agenda. Yep, I love attacking the start of any new week with maximum productivity, always. Todays look is a balanced mix of both comfort and elegance, with a pop of print and splash of color, because that, girls, makes me happy at the end of these (long) days.
Tuesdays are for tracksuits! At least, this Tuesday is. I just couldn’t get into any other outfit today, as I’m trying to process all yesterdays information, and inspiration, whilst juggling Lola duties on the side – hashtag challenge. A 100% comfortable look it is! This, very me look, with happy colours and something leopard thrown in for good measure, is an instant mood booster, and kept me sharp all day. Oh, and those heels? They kept the outfit from heading into a super sporty direction! What do you think? Mission complete, or..?
White Wednesday! If it was up to me, I would wear this tee everyday. I just love crisp white t-shirts and yep – I own many of them. Basic and fresh, ideally with denim. A neutral look allows for a twist to be added, especially today, hurray! I had some errands to run (some fun, and some less fun) so I needed that little something extra. So thanks to these flashes of metallic awesomness, I was ready to shine!
Today is THE day! The grande finale. After Monday’s big lunch meeting, with a fabulous new client, I am fully confident that I understand her wishes, and know what look she’s after. Thanks to yesterdays research, and these uber comfy booties, it should now be a walk in the park to actually pick up these new items. Bing, bang, BOOM!
FRIYAY, I think you mean! Dear God – after breaking my neck over Lola’s new cupcake bake bucket, I finally managed to get myself to the gym in one piece. I always like to end my week with a Crossfit pilates session. It makes me feel fully refreshed, and oh so ready for the weekend! I’m already looking forward to my girls night out. Casual – chic, plus some drinks, always means fun fun fun!
Today starts, just like any other day, with a coffee to go. Lola knows the deal – no parenting until coffee. Apparently, that deal also includes no ears, when wearing these shiny, dangling earrings. Danger! This, because, not much after capturing this outfit of the day, Lola grabbed and pulled my earring, Ole’. I can’t blame her though, they really are fantastic, but, one would say that when in the playground there’s more fun things to do right? Or..?

After a long week, and longer nights, it was time for something light and bright. Hey, that rhymes! Okay, so, to make a long story short, I’m pretty sure that if I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be this one. The colours make me so, so, happy, as do these fabrics. Easy and breezy, but both dressy and comfy! Perfect Sunday strolling’ material – Bring on Monday again 🙂



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