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Don’t show your eyes – show your point of view


My skin and I couldn’t breath today! Me, because it’s too bloody hot to do anything active, and my skin had issues breathing because it had a layer of make up on it!

So, WHY are you out there, in the heat, on the rocks, with make up on? You may wonder…

Because it’s my V-side, darling!

Your what?! My V-side aka my Vogue-side!

Yep – I teamed up with Vogue Eyewear International, and for this campaign I’ll be their “outdoorsy” girl! Very, very exciting.

So, we had to capture the thing that makes me happiest of all – which is being out in nature, wandering around, exploring and SWEATING! The amazing make-up is done by Amanda Greaves, using Flormar and the photos were taken by my amazing PaulTGF.

Thank you guys for pushing me (not off the cliff) and working wonders together!

Vogue Eyewear believes that there’s more beauty beyond beauty. It’s as much about attitude as aesthetics. 

We celebrate woman’s V-side: Anything that makes you special and unique, anything that gives you the right confidence to express your personality, anything that allows you to show your true self to the world.

Show me your V-side for a chance to win a styling trip to Dubai! For more info visit http://www.vogue-eyewear.com.



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