B Biche




boots ZARA / trousers ELISABETTA FRANCHI / jumper ZARA / coat MONSOON / bag ACCESSORIZE / ph PAULTGF

My personal school run style is sad. But what do you expect of a person that dresses according to her mood, and is never in the mood for anything, first thing in the morning? There you go – I’m not a morning person. I’m super spaced out and extremely slow. Lola is like me so we make a great team. We are lucky though, as her school is literally a 3 minute walk from home.

For that reason I don’t feel like making the effort and just run down in my track pants, followed by breakie and coffee by the sea. Then, when back home and feeling 100% awake – understanding who I am and what the day is going to be like – I dress accordingly.

Today however, I saved you from seeing the track-suite and ran down in this outfit. A very basic look with a pop of color thanks to the bag!


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