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looking back on a busy but beautiful week

happy dance after I found this column got published while on set

one of the many Indian wedding shoot dresses ♡

running errands and spotting myself in the Mangano shop whaaaaa! #stopandsmelltheroses

Hi there, how have you been? Enjoyed your weekend? I most certainly did! Valletta – European Cultural Capital 2018, is on, so lots of fun, fun, fun in our capital city.

Wandering around was a well deserved break, after last weeks big project, with Temple magazine.

I have been runing around like mad, as we shot Miss Malta and Miss India on beautiful locations and in even more beautiful outfits! How I love the Indian style – I really can’t wait to show you the results!

For now though, a lot of behind the scene shots from the seaside to countryside and look out for updates 🙂



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