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Dutch Diary

Eat, shop, sleep & repeat

Hi there – I hope you are all well! Overhere, all is fantastic. We’re in Holland and yes.. it’s freezing cold! Freezing, with a capital Russian winds! However, we figured out that it’s only cold if you’re standing still, so, we are non-stop on the run! So much so, that I haven’t even found the time to update you, and, for this, I am naturally very sorry. Here’s a quick overview of our adventure in Utrecht. A city I fell in love with!

Heeee hallo, alles goed? Onder het motto van ‘het is alleen koud als je stil staat’ zijn we non-stop on the go! Vandaar de stilte op de blog 😉 Hier een klein overzichtje van ons rondren avontuur in Utrecht – we absolutely love, love, LOVE the city!



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