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event SHE / ph. Majda Toumi

‘How a simple hello could lead to a million things’. These hello’s and unique meetings could obviously always happen, anywhere at anytime, but here – at the SHE event – you’re constantly surrounded by like-minden, driven, people. WOMEN! They all have one thing in common – they’re driven and open to learn, advise, collaborate, share experience – anything really. I have had an idea in my mind for quite a while now, and been doing lots of groundwork (since Christmas!) and besides my direct friends and family, no one knew about it. Until SHE happened! I have been talking about it and it was such a relief. What fun! And the reactions were great too. So much support, enthusiasm and ideas to help. It was eye opening.

Besides that, what happened in the ‘networking break’ – the actual speakers were amazing and inspired me so, so much. Thank you Jo Caruana, Vanessa Coleiro, Carla Grima en Mara Camilleri for sharing your stories, you all were all so inspiring. Oh, and don’t even get me started about the two women behind the whole event! Sarah Woods and Julia Perry – You did it again! Hats off! Looking forward to the next one ♡

How a simple hello could lead to a million things. Deze hallootjes en bijzondere ontmoetingen kunnen natuurlijk overal ontstaan, maar hier, op het SHE event, barst het van de like-minded mensen. VROUWEN! Ik heb al een tijdje een idee in m’n hoofd, en ben sinds afgelopen kerst druk ‘groundwork’ aan het doen, maar eigenlijk weet niemand, behalve mijn directe omgeving ervan.

Hier, op dit netwerk event heb ik open gesproken en het was een verademing! Zoveel suggesties, enthousiasme en aanmoedigingen – net wat ik nodig had! Daarbij ben ik ook ontzettend geïnspireerd geraakt door de speakers Jo Caruana, Vanessa Coleiro, Carla Grima en Mara Camilleri – om maar niet te beginnen over de organisators van dit geweldige event; Sarah Woods en Julia Perry. Big hats off en looking forward to the next!


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