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Life is not black and white – there is a large grey area, especially when regarding the fashion industry! Monsoon however is rather transparent..

ph Anna Izmaylova clothes MONSOON

IT’S SALE TIME! Yes, even I finally noticed 😉 The fashion seasons are becoming shorter and shorter, which fills me with a sense of not to be able to keep up with the latest trends! The style sensitiva’s (just made that up) wishes are heard and they are served with many ‘new collections’ per month to keep them satisfied. Or is it the fashion industry that wishes you to stay hungry? Truth is, that whatever you bought a few months ago, may already now be at the bottom of your wardrobe, considered as ‘out of fashion’ or even been thrown away.

Since the Malta fashion revolution, I have become more conscious and I pay more attention to where my clothes are made. Buying happiness, or ‘shopping is my therapy’ is something thats not in my vocabulary anymore, because what makes me happy (for a little bit) has big and long-lasting consequences for humanity and nature.

This Monsoon outfit however, is a different story. When the ‘who made my clothes’ movement took place, and I asked Monsoon who made my clothes, they were one of the few brands that responded. I learned a lot about their brand and now I can tell you that they are my go to shop, as I feel totally comfortable shopping there. Not to mention how comfortable I feel in this linen suit! Yep – this outfit will take me through this summer, and probably also through summer 2019, 2020, 2021 and hopefully maaaaaaany more!


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