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Sandcastles and Slush Puppies

ph Anna Izmaylova

I’m not a working-mum, not a stay-at-home mum, but a very present stay-at-beach mum. What I mean by that is that I always have a beach bag in the car, in case we have a gap in our hectic lives, we simply jump out and enjoy the sun and the sea. Oh, and the sand of course. Even if just for 30 mis or so, its totally worthwhile. It is as lovely as it sounds, if not lovlier.

I truly believe that the beach is the only place where kids can entertain themselves. Whats in it for me? A moment to rest, relax and reflect. I clear my mind and unravel my thoughts. Overlooking the sea brings so much creativity and ideas, which I will then take home and work out after sunset when Lola falls asleep. Because yes – the beach may inspire me, but also importantly, it tires her out. A win, win situation!

The beach taught me to slow down and it teaches Lola to:

Get adventurous

– run wild and free, getting dirty, making friends, finding shells and stones, catching crabs. Fear of creatures won’t be in Lola’s vocabulary, hopefully.

Appreciate nature

– often while looking for pebbles, shells and crabs, she comes across a lot of rubbish which always results in a beach cleanup and makes her aware of the good and the bad, plus she learns how to respect nature and the importance of cleaning after herself.

Be patient

– cooking a nice soup takes time, and adding all the ingredients into her bucket does too. Finding the right ingredients and measuring them is a true challenge. Perfecting her sand castle game is another test, especially with kids destroying them, after she’s been slaving perfecting them. Oh well, it teaches her that in life, nothing lasts forever and the best lesson she learns from this, is that you don’t take things for granted because you never know when it will be taken from you.

Be healthy

– apart from the unhealthy junk food such as Slush Puppies, there is vitamine D for free! No supplements – the sun does its job. This in combination with the sea breeze is the best recipe for sleep. Ideally at the end of the day, when back home!

Am I scared about the wintery days ahead? Will I still be go to the beach? Definitely! There is nothing like the sound of the sea. Instead of playing in the waves we will watch them crash, plus, building sandcastles will be easier since the sand isn’t so dry. Long story short: we’re lucky to be surrounded by sea. Malta – I love you!



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