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After my Eureka moment, that Hajja should produce little lace bows to make the Maltese lace fashionable again, I couldn’t wait to launch our website and start blogging about it. How the lace bow is a symbol of our heritage – the perfect reflection of our beautiful and rich cultural tradition. How it will act as a piece of the Maltese identity.. How each bow created at Hajja is unique, with its individual fingerprint, and unique a story to tell.. A story that is intended to live on forever, by passing the bow down through generations..

I had soooo many posts in my drafts and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world! I was ready to race all the way up the stairs, until I found myself stuck at the 3rd step. BUT, HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT?!

All the information I had collected throughout the months seemed useless and everything just seemed wrong. “Hasra”. What is happening to me? How am I going to get this lace movement moving?! In my bubble it was all fun and games, but to actually ‘come out’ is too scary!!

I messaged Tamara Fenech, whom I had shared my ideas with weeks before, while having a coffee, and I instantly received the most comforting and calming audio message ever. She was super understanding and promised me not to panic, and that everything would be fine haha. We scheduled a Skype meeting the following day, and from that moment onwards we have been non stop, flat out. She was literally sent from heaven. She gave Hajja structure, direction and designed our artwork. She also made me understand that:

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal”
“A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan”
“A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true”


The timelines are made, the goals broken into steps, and the to do lists are never ending, but we are moving! The Bizzilla lacemaking movement is moving. Slowly but steadily. After months of work I found myself at the 5th step!

We launched at the SHE event (yes I’m officially out of my bubble and there’s no way back!) and we got some great feedback. Check our instagram @hajja_malta highlights, to see more of this amazing event 🙂 Thanks Sass and Julia for making it happen! It was such an inspiring day filled with all interesting, likeminded women ♡


Now, the next milestone on the timeline is the FashionRevolution collaboration! We offer a lacemaking workshop, because we want to create a future for fashion that is respectful towards the environment and the society that we live in. We believe that valuing tradition and craft is essential towards this shift! The fashion revolution week seems a great place to start #excitingtimes

So, would you like to learn something new, and at the same make a difference in helping to keep a tradition alive? This is your chance! Become a lacemaker and a change maker on the 25th of April! Checkout our workshop here, and more startup diary talk will follow shortly, I promise 🙂



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