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mediterranean seaHi there, I hope you are well. What a week it’s been..

valletta ministersMalta basically hit a standstill for a few days, as main roads were closed and security was on high alert. There was a migration summit hosted and all European and African leaders got together here to discuss the refugee situation that continues to grow

Valletta Malta

Everyone was coming together to work as one, if you like, to try and make the world a better place – in the capital city, Valletta. Well, not everyone apparently


Only a day or two later, the world was thrown into shock, as Paris was hit by multiple suicide bombers, killing over 100 innocent people – causing massive fear and panic


To make things worse, at least one bomber is thought to have entered Europe as a Syrian refugee. What’s next, and what repercussions will follow?

peace for paris

 It’s surreal, how a part of the world is trying to get together to save the less fortunate and are filled with good intentions, whilst others are only focused on creating war and fueled by anger



Love and prayers go out to Paris and those affected by this tragedy, while hopefully, in the near future, the refugee and migration problems will be solved ♡


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