B Biche



Seeing this ^^ made me laugh and emotional at the same time. Not because it’s nailed in the ground, not because the funky saddle is missing or the spinning wheels. Biking in Malta is a joke. You’ll find ‘the reason why’ out later, don’t worry.

The reason why this emotional feeling came up is because me and my Dutch bike experienced a lot together. From the day I adopted her from a junky we were inseparable. She has always been afraid to be kidnapped again, but I made her clear she was in good hands. She wasn’t in a good state though, I had to fix her up.

I tuned up her chain, inflated her tires and made her lights go on. She was my brand new, clean, shiny baby; ready to hit the road! We survived storms, pouring rain and we even made it trough the snow.Excited we went to party’s, friends, work, sport, supermarket and so on. Then something I’ll never forget happened.

One day she was missing, my mistake. I parked her wrong and had to pick her up from the police station. Ransom: 35 euro. Promised her from the bottom of my heart it would never happen again.  

Now you’ll probably understand why I felt emotional by seeing that blue bicycle on the promenade. I let her down again. She’s there, still in the Netherlands and I’m here in Malta. 

I told her it’s not safe to be in Malta for her and we’ll be reunited with Christmas. Until then Bless Google Maps:



Be safe today,





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