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Today we got invited at a Thai famely in Ao Nang. He is a proud property owner with chicken, caved birds, dogs, cats and last but definitely not least: fish. He has 2 lakes, one he uses for breed and the other one is ‘leally big business’. When the baby fish are grown up to a decent size they move to the business lake. Once in a while – when he needs money – he corners the fish and sells them to families or restaurants.He dared me (lady no fish) to catch a fish in his lake. I love bets, so I instantly agreed.
After approx 30 minutes of painting nails this fish came across and couldn’t resist the lovely sashimi on my hook and took advantage of it. I was very surprised when the line unexpectedly started running, but I wasn’t the only one.The best man ran to me with a drag-net and screamed ‘lady has fish, I lose I lose!’ After giving this red snapper his freedom the boss picked a coconut and prepared it with love for me. It was a great price after such exciting 30 minutes, what an experience!Be the best today,




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