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Style icon holds my phone – Drummers baby on fire – Singing in Simlish – Talking dreams & Falling in love with my shoes..

Just before Echosmith had to run off to the press conference with MTV’s Laura Whitmore – I was lucky enough to have a moment with these 4 talented siblings to talk about their amazing journey. So Sydney offers to hold my phone/mic just saying – I accept and we kick off! echosmith interview

I was psyched to ask them some questions but really didn’t know where to start and time was ticking. Asking about Malta is a bit too predictable, especially knowing they are here for only 1 day before heading off to another festival. So I did my homework, found out that recently they recorded music for The Sims 4 game and started the interview off like this:

What do you prefer – Singing in English or Simlish? 

*confused faces* ..uh.. *bursting out laughing* Hahaha, Simlish for sure! I prefer it, because I never get to do it and it was so. much. fun. You just make things up and you basically speak gibberish. It was a great experience, we were laughing our heads off when we were recording!

I bet it was! I have a confession to make – 10 years ago I was addicted to the Sims and I loved loved loved creating and customising the looks of a sim and their personality, and now I am wondering –

If you were Sims, who of you would be the laziest?

Graham Graham Graham! For sure! The youngest giggles and agrees – Yea, I had my baby on fire sometimes 

Haha, amazing – and who would be the most clumsy?

That would be me, admits Sydney. I trip all the time, I don’t fall, I just trip haha.

Awh, you poor thing! And who would be the most creative?

After a moments pause and quite – Hmmmm I think we all are  – they come to the conclusion. We all write the songs together and inspire each other 

Dreamteam! I finish their sentence. But let’s talk dreams later =) Last one: if you would be a Sim.. Who would be the most romantic? 

Jamie has most experience, Noah points out – so naturally, it has to be him! He succumbs and says.. yeaaaaa I’m a romance expert ha!

Great to get to know your personalities a little bit better! Now, you are not only famous in the gaming world, also people love the real you – That must be unreal sometimes *nodding* So, how about the looks? Is there a way you would describe your style as a band? 

We get to do our own things, but we also would like to look good together and not clash haha. We all have our own style, but together somehow it always fits! True, they call it Indie style, but we are all independent and a little laid back. But at the same time I like to wear a statement dress! Sydney adds. So feminism edgy-ish for me, I guess. 

Speaking of your style, Sydney – As a fashionblogger, I read lots of blogs and I came across some ‘Steal the style of Sydney’  articles. Somehow, you always seem to wear a dress! Have you always been a dress girl? 

Yes I have heard of those articles, it’s awesome! It’s also true though,  I really love dresses a lot. I pretty much have always been a big fan, but when I’m travelling I’m not wearing a dress. BUT for all the shows I feel most comfortable wearing a dress, for some reason 

I completely understand. It’s comfortable and you feel ‘dressed up’ pun intended. Besides being a style icon, you also signed a modelling contract and shot editorials for both Elle and Teen Vogue – BIG CONGRATS! That must have been a pinch-me moment 

Oooooooooooyea it was crazy! At the ELLE shoot I remember thinking this is all so high fashion, the make-up, the hair and so much talent all around.. Everything is so unreal! Every now and then I had to go to the bathroom and I went *screams* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! I really had to scream and had to let it all out- then after I was coming back in all cool like ‘yeahhhhh whatever’.. It was something I’d never thought I’d got to do and here we are. It’s such a big pinch-me moment – you’re right!

It must feel amazing to be able to express yourself via style and songs now.  Yea it’s like a dream.. Yes! Let’s stop fashion talk and start ‘Talking Dreams’ now, guys. The name of your first album. How has it’s biggest hit ‘Cool kids’ affected your lives?

Yes, this album literally changed our lives – it’s crazy to see that one song can do everything for you. Sometimes, while walking around on the streets you hear people singing it to themselves and it’s so much fun!

So, no doubt we can look forward to hearing ‘cool kids’ tonight – right?

Haha, sometimes we fantasise about how funny it would be just not to sing it while on stage, but yeah… – for sure we will! You can expect to hear singles and featured singles. We’re so excited *faces light up*

Haha – Well, I am (together with 50K+ music fans) so looking forward to tonight and I can’t wait to see you on stage. Last question and you’re off to the next – I was wondering, from an expat point of view – whether you are ever homesick? I mean – your parents travel with you guys, but still, you’re on the road. Is the saying ‘home is where the heart is’ true?

I think there is always things you are gonna miss at home. Like friends, relationships and those kind of things. Obviously I sometimes miss a home and a kitchen haha, but for sure, we are standing together and that feels good as we never stop laughing. And btw BB – *asks Sydney* Where can I get your shoes from please? I loooooooooove them loveloveloveloveeeee them! 

Having replied telling her that they were in fact just Zara, I thanked them for their time and wish them good luck. We take a couple of pictures together, I get my phone back and off they set into the heat to meet Laura Whitmore and the rest of the MTV crew. What an awesome family!

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Noel base – Jamie guitar – Sydney singing – Graham drums – ph. PAULTGF




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