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When people ask me where I’m from I proudly answer: The Netherlands. Then they start staring at me wondering what I’m doing here. Holiday? No. Now they look at me like I am an alien. How can I leave that beautiful rich country full of trendy streets, bikes, canals and trees for a dry and rough rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?

I’m talking about Malta; a tiny island close to the south of Sicily and north of Libya. By the way, this rock is almost impossible to see on the map. At the time we moved here, the anti-Gaddafi protests were taking place. Family and friends weren’t that happy about the timing. I have never noticed anything that was going on overseas. Except the fact I saw some brave refugees every now and then. I was happy to see they survived crossing the rough sea in those heavily overloaded boats.

No hustle and bustle, just the laid back island life for me now! I can spend a whole day on my hammock. Reading Vogue, day dreaming about that it-bag watching the sunset and being sung asleep by the breaking waves of the sea.

I decided to start a blog a couple of months ago when I found out printing photos costs a fortune here in Malta. I realized that my thoughts and memories were worth capturing. I wanted to do this for myself, but also to keep my friends and family up to date. www.b-biche.com was born, the virtual version of myself, Bibiche.

The Dutch street style is definitely one of the things I miss. In The Netherlands there are so many interesting fashionable people to see anywhere, anytime. That’s what used to inspire me. Thank God Malta attracts a lot of tourists in the summer who are walking the promenade like a runway. On an island, where there are so few shops; every day is a game of who wears it better – like in the magazines. But no celebs involved, only locals, expats and tourists!

3 strong themes come out in Malta, fashion-wise:

During the week I get inspired by tourists strutting their holiday bests. After following blogs from girls all over the world I start matching their style with their nationality, which is so much fun (even more when they start talking and I know I’m right).

Then on the weekends the Maltese inspire me by showcasing their Sunday bests. Sundays are traditionally a day for family and friends to get together and enjoy their time off. They really dress up for the occasion. Think about high heels, shorts, crop-tops, bright colored dresses and accessories like turbans.

And of course on a small island rock there are beach-babes. They inspire me to take it all off and still make a style statement. Think about unique bikinis, matched with fringed beach vest dresses, playsuits, hats and amazing beachbags.

So basically I now have an international street-style which is awesome, Blogandthecity all day long on this rock! There is only one thing I’d like you to ask when you’re planning to visit Malta: please do not bring your Havaianas but show me some fashionable alternatives, because I’m stuck when it comes to comfy, stylish sandals!




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