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lunch Yes, it has been awful outside all weekend, but one of the pluses about living in Malta is that despite the rain, the sun always pops out at some point. So, while it would be easier to complain about the depressing rain, here is how I made my weekend a positive one! Here we go – Friday stopped raining just enough to have a nice lunch with a view at Raffael – Oh and of course, a glass of wine. Naturally U+21E1.gif

indoor fun

U+21DE.gif Friday night included a bit more wine, parking myself at home, central heating full on, happy music, dancing and cutting myself off from the world

deliverySaturday delivery day! Gass and some kind of unknown pasta in a bag for the neighbours U+2196.svg

sale U+2197.svg Following more planning and catching up on emails, I was off to Rebelli to pick up some fantastic outfits –all on sale– & soon on the blog!

foodU+21DE.gif Sunday I got up nice and early, before heading to Ambasciata Veneziana where I had some amazing salmon as you can see and attached my usual stupid selfie. Yum! After that – nice and full – we hunted for new locations enjoying breathtaking skies along the way U+21DF.gif

sunset spottingWhat a great weekend – rain really doesn’t have to stop all the fun. Monday here I come!

Have a great week,



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