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Today I spent the day with my good friend Kevin, better known as Rumbull. We chilled out on the rocks, we swam, joked around and had a serious conversation going on from time to time. We had great fun and I’m happy to introduce my crazy creative rapper, actor, director friend to you. Let’s get ready to get to know Rrrrrrrrrrrumbull!


You are the first non-expat I’m interviewing but you have actually been raised in Malta and England!

Yea, you can’t really put me in a category. Neither English or Maltese, I have a very interesting bloodline. My English side is English – Italian and then on my Maltese side -which is such a mixture- it even stretches out to having a Egyptian bloodline. So you could say it almost reaches denial..

Yes! Many of your tattoos refer to the Egyptian bloodline -sphinx, anchor, piramides, sun, Eye of Ra-, but the Rumbull logo on your arm refers to your passion, right?

True dat! Music is my passion. My style is unique with a British/Mediterranean twist. We have a lot of history in Malta of being taking over by a lot of armies and tribes but the Maltese always stood strong no matter who their invader was. It’s something I’m proud to bring to the hiphop culture and represent this beautiful tiny little island in the Mediterranean.

At 21 I stared on a promo E.P in England and hooked up with a few hip-hop heads. I was resident MC at ruminations for Havana Portsmouth in Southsea and did some battling plus making my first album Cut Throught Island with legendary producer Chemo.

What have you been up to since the release party of your album?

Well I had a live show at Botta u Risposta for the battle of Lapes and Holidan. Then after the show I stared this stuntman work on a sci-fi film called ‘Andron’ where I had a few fight scenes with Alex Martin (Fast & Furious 6). I worked with Skin from Skunk anise, Michelle Ryan from Eastenders and Gaia and Leo from Disneys.

Also I got a role in a Kevin Reynolds film ‘Clavuis’ along side Marion Optimo (Double Team) as labour number 2. My agent keeps stressing me it’s a big deal Rum, you’re a rapper/actor/director now!’ 

Right now I’m recording a free Mixtape E.P before I release Rumbull in the Jungle. So superbusy but I enjoy this journey so much!

*gives hug and a 1000 taps on shoulder* So proud of you Kev! This must be a special time in your life, it seems right now that things are up for you. Any other proud moments in your career you want to share?

Let me think – Yes. One of my proudest moments was when I moved back to Malta after living in England for about 4 years when my father was undergoing chemo therapy. I was there for him, directed another video Da Journey and had an album release party for Cut Throught Island. Crazy times but became a big success. The best part of this all was the fact that my father was in the crowd and I called him on stage where everyone cheered for him. You remember B?

Yes I remember that.. very touching – I am so sorry about your loss. What do you wish for the future?

Thanks. I’d like to land a few more big acting roles and establish myself as an actor more as well and direct more videos. I can’t give away too  much just yet! The release date for Rumbull in the Jungle will be soon and I’m really excited about that!

I wish you all the best and can’t wait for the next party, keep up the good work! 


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