B Biche





Refering to the ‘b- Adopted’  post (here). I will now explain why I will never ship her overseas although I miss her very bad after seeing her with Christmas:
There are over 400,000 people on this tiny rock of 316 square kilometers. Malta has 2,254 kilometers of road, 282 km are unpaved (yes unpaved)

The number of cars on the roads states an incredible number of 310,409 with approx 400,000 residents which is unbelievable. To make a long story short: the roads are packed, unsafe and non-organized.

People don’t mind drink and drive, which isn’t good. But when – I assume-  their sober, they still drive reckless. Picture yourself, biking up a hill and as soon as your on the top suddenly the ‘bike road’ stops and you find yourself in the middle of -let’s call it- car chaos.

I have to admit overall I’m not a good driver myself. In The Netherlands they often honk at me when I change lanes and forget my indicators. So at least here in Malta I don’t stand out as a bad driver. One thing for sure: you’ll never see me drink and drive whether in a car or on a bike.

I wish my loving bike a safe environment without any trouble -except silly parking tickets-


Be safe today,





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