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Pretty power-woman from Russia designed this awesome outfit I’m wearing in the second photo. Say hi to my talented friend Alicia, wife of Mr. Schembri and mother of her own fashion label TAIA. Let’s find out more about her baby and catch up on this sunny hangover Wednesday-afternoon with espresso’s, cocktails and Maltese platters!

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I admire women and how our bodies are made by God. We are lucky to have ability to choose and mix at the same time styles. Just walking on the street and seeing different type of women I imagine how I would combine outfits and make them look perfect and compliment their best features.

When did you want to become a fashion designer?

To be honest I never had a plan of becoming a designer, but I was always driven into fashion, I could spend hours btw the aisles of fabrics, just thinking what I can create for myself, so I guess those were the first calls before I really tried to create my whole collection.

What does TAIA mean and stand for?

TAIA is Talent, Ambition ,Image and Attitude, and at the same time it’s a short version of my amazing grandmothers name Taisiia, who used to be a big time fashionista in her early ages, and still she is inspiring me with ideas.

What is your inspiration?

Inspiration can be found in everything you see and everything you do.  I love nature, animals, birds, flowers, trees and everything that God made -so beautiful and unique. During my travels to other countries I am connecting to new things I see which gives me a boost of inspiration and that’s how new ideas and creations happen.

If TAIA could have a celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be?

Since my teenage period I used to follow model career of Brazilian beauty –Adriana Lima. She has all what TAIA is aiming to produce, she is a strong personality with beautiful soul and amazingly talented and clever woman.

What’s it like to be a designer in the fashion industry in Malta?

Malta is a place both beautiful and inspirational and Im very happy that fashion industry is moving to its better path year after year here, you see more people standing for their own style and those who are not afraid to try and open yourself to new things. Although I wish choice of fabrics would be bigger and more affordable prices. And one more wish that personally me I have is that here will be more opportunities to produce your collection , im talking about factories and small workshops with tailors.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you started TAIA?

Im learning many things since I started and Im so happy that I can learn from what I love and improve things meanwhile. What I think the best lesson is that if its your dream go for it, try not to depend on people and do as much as you can yourself, because people will let you down and you should be prepared at ny time, to stand up shake the stress away and keep moving forward.

What would you like to achieve before the end of this year?

At the moment I’m searching for places where I can produce my collection, checking best variants. My goal will be to create a bigger collection with different outfits and produce it in a factory to deliver best quality.

What are your very future plans? Your dreams?

My biggest dream is when my brand will be recognized in many places and TAIA’s customers will be happy to wear its outfits, because after all, the best pleasure is knowing that your clothes are loved and have a good feedback, it keeps you motivated.

Do you have a motto that keeps you going to reach that?

Learn to value yourself: Fight for your happiness! Stay positive and be strong and ready for challenges, in this way you learn a lot.


Be dreaming today,



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