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Dutch Diary

ho ho ho..!
As soon as we landed, Santa struck a pose with Lola, at the airport. What a warm welcome! Followed by warm family hugs – all excited about being together again this Christmas ♡

Christmas is all about eating. Eating in, and out. How I love being a tourist in my ‘own’ country and eating the magnificent ‘poffertjes’ like never before! The floating Christmas market was something else – what an experience ♡

Time always flies, and just as I found my dream car, we had to leave. If only the steering wheel would have been on the other side.. I’d take it to Malta! What. A. Ride!

After a long and full on, entertaining her majesty flight, Lola was happy to stretch her little legs again (and so was I). Back on the rock, ready for the New Years party! What about you?


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