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I would like to think of myself as a very creative, loyal, trustworthy and caring person who likes to be both spontaneous and adventurous. I love the great outdoors, nature, and being cut off, and also the extreme opposite things such as fashion, arts and music.

How did you end up living in Malta?

I wanted a new adventure, a better lifestyle, more sun and sea. Malta seemed an obvious choice. Fast paced city, stress and rain, versus beach, stress-free and sun. A no brainer, don’t you think?!

Tell us a little about the Netherlands and the differences between life here and life there.

People here care much more about the little things and quality of life itself. Since everything is much slower than city life abroad, you have more time to really get to know people. Then of course the climate, living by the sea, and the general buzz surrounding the island.

What about fashion in your home country and fashion here – what are the contrasts?

Since I come from a bigger city, and have worked extensively and exclusively in fashion in the past, the easy answer would be to say that there is much to be desired with fashion in Malta. However, even in the short space of time that I have been here, I have noticed massive improvements. It’s perhaps less edgy and more conservative than back in the Netherlands, and especially compared to other major European cities – yet things are changing fast. I would guess that a combination of the Maltese taking a greater interest in fashion overseas, travelling more often and being much more up to date, helps significantly. Besides that, fashion here is based on a more summery wardrobe since we basically have 9 months of sun, while back home, every thing is more wintery and warm, so many more fun options to experiment with in a way.

How did you get so interested in fashion and photography?

I have always been involved in fashion in one form or another. From model work, to being responsible for visual merchandising of both specific brands and stores, my interest and knowledge kept growing. Photography came later, yet seemed a natural evolution having been on numerous shoots and also constantly shooting for my blog. I find it fascinating.

Did you train or study the two art forms?

I studied visual merchandising, fashion & marketing while photography & modeling popped around by chance.

What’s your favourite style or era of fashion?

That’s a tough one as I love adding a twist to most looks, however if pressed I’d have to go with very very early Hollywood. I always loved things considered wrong which later got the recognition they deserved. Katherine Hepburn would be a definite favorite.

Why did you call the blog B-BICHE?

It’s my name of course, but with a twist.

Do you do any styling and designing yourself?

I style regularly for both magazines, and naturally, my blog. With regards to designing, not yet, but my head is bursting with endless ideas.

How far do you intend to take this interest in fashion and photography? Will it ever be a career – unless it is already?

Fashion is very much a career already and is my full time job. Having a blog means you direct everything from photography, styling to locations, looks, trends and finally writing about it in your own way, so as your readers see a unique outlook. I feel lucky my hobby became work.

What do you think are the best things about Malta?

The very laid back ways, friendly people, and how everyone enjoys the simple things in life. The weather, the cost of living and the general lifestyle.

And the worst?

Customer care has much to be desired, but it is getting better slowly. Also the traffic situation. Wow.

Can you give us some hot, personal tips about fashion and colours for 2016?

Style is never right or wrong, be confident and go with your instinct. By keeping it simple but adding one eye catching accessory, you are guaranteed an all round winning look. May it be the saddle bag, vintage brooches / jewelry or a scarf around your neck making a bow – it’s all in the details this winter! When it comes to colors, I am fan of the pastels and the suede that the 70’s trend gives us. Mix, match and mismatch suede with fur, wool, velvet, brocade and lace – have fun with it and you will see that opposites really attract!

You have recently become a mummy. What has the journey been like, and what are your hopes and dreams for motherhood and for your child?

A completely mind blowing, surreal, high speed roller coaster, but one filled with immediate & unconditional love. It has also made me a much better multi tasker as I juggle my life with nappy changes, feeds and baths.

I wish she follows her heart at every step in life and becomes who she was born to be, and not to worry about the tradition or social norms. I will be her guide, letting her explore her hidden strengths and support her in any way. As for hopes, it may sound corny, but health and happiness are truly the most important things. After that, I secretly hope Lola grows up inspired and fascinated by her mums wardrobe, just as I was. 🙂

What are your general plans for the regular fashion article in FIRST?

Now that you all know a little bit more about me, I’d like to start sharing with you, via my articles in FIRST, some easy personal styling tips for everyone as opposed to the latest fashion trends that everyone can google but nobody can afford. Also look out for my monthly favorites and their adventurous stories!



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