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This is the Mondayest Monday that ever Mondayed

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Blue Monday it is! Everything inside me says party, but the rest of the island seems to be in a deep sleep. Even my comfy after-swim-outfit is more stylish than ever, thanks to the upgrade of all the silver accessories by Accessorize.

Yep girls, we’re dealing with a typical case of ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’. What to do in situations like these? Capture the moment! Share and cheer up.

And so we did. I hope that your outfit is comfy too, your coffee strong, and your Monday short! Happy week!

Blue Monday it is! Alles in me zegt feest vandaag, maar de rest van ‘t eiland lijkt nog in diepe slaap te zijn. Zelfs m’n comfy after-swim-outfit is stylish-er dan ooit te voren dankzij de zilvere accessoires.

Yep girls, we hebben te maken met een typisch gevalletje ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’. Wat doe je in zo’n situatie? Vastleggen die handel! Delen!

Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Ik hoop de ook jouw kleren lekker comfy zijn, je koffie heerlijk sterk is en je maandag extreem kort. Fijne week nog!



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