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isleofmtv2016We know how Clean Bandit, Steve Aoki, Wiz Kalifa & Jess Glynne shine and sparkle on stage, but what do they have to say backstage?


Good times, sitting front row at the MTV press conference, talking to Jess to the Glynn, asking her about her style inspirations. This girl has some serious style


jess glynne IOMTV 2016

The interview continued, and, even though she might not have any fashion icons, she does look up to a lot of artists! She is inspired by Prince, naturally, Amy Whinehouse and Beyonce. The latter being her number one choice to collaborate with.


Wiz was talking about his body being work on progress, as Becca brought up the subject of tattoos. When his whole body is covered, he’s sure he’ll have to color it in or touch it up, because by that time pieces will have faded.

Yep, he loves getting tattoos and loves our island too . Espeically blue Lagoon. On a boat – ideally with “We den boyz” playing loud!

wiz khalifa iomtv

Another island lover is the clean bandit singer, Grace Chatto, that also popped in for a quick chat. I simply love her music – so talented, and unique sounding with her cello. She learnt how to play it in Russia. Spectacular!


Malta then welcomed Aoki, but got two for the price of one, when he decided to FaceTime Afrojack, live during the interview. He asked for advice since Afro Jack has played the Isle of MTV in previous years. The tip? “be yourself“! Very helpful indeed.

steve aoki

So, what more about this Japanese sensation? He likes weird & cool things. Scuba diving, which he has already done in Malta, on a previous visit, and pies. Everybody should get a cake in their face, just once. At least. Not the british ones though, because they are hard like bricks.


The excitement excalated further soon after, however, as the press conference came to an end, and the concert was about to errupt. Sparkles galore at Floriana!


roberto cavalli

The next day began, rather late, with a triple espresso macchiato, my bathing suit, and this perfect Roberto Cavalli hat protecting an already throbbing head, from the extreme heat. Last night was worth it ♡

excelsior hotel maltaWelcome to todays office – Thanks Excelsior, for making this stay a truly memorable one!



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