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Right after my interview with Echosmith, I ran down the garden to meet that Dutch legend. Unfortunately I was a little too late and I hit an empty wall. A wall full of logo’s and sponsors, but a wall without this superstar in front of it. The photocalls were over and all I could do was cry. But instead I took a photo of this oh so empty wall for you to put you in the picture – a sorry scene ↓

Then, suddenly, I heard applauding and I turned around – it came from that tent! Great! It’s the press conference! I rushed in, took my seat,  looked and listened to what he had to say. This Dutch legendary DJ – Martin Garrix , 19 years old (!) who is currently ranked 4th in the world, was there. Amazing.


A smiley, down to earth, happy guy was chatting away in the MTV interview. I had to record it as I wanted to share this with you. Because in the end – who doesn’t want to get  tips and tricks of a world famous DJ on video?

After this interview, we shared a few words in our native Dutch, I wished him all the best for the show and we took a photo together. This was the last photo I have of this talented artist, because at the moment he had to perform, I was having way too much fun.

But as he stated in this video – he was super excited to close the IOMTV show and I have to tell you, he did a great job on this. And no, I’m not just saying because he’s Dutch! The whole place was absolutely jumping, as was the afterparty, which he played at also.





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    You are so lucky, I am not a big fan of edm but he’s music are great. thanks for sharing hope you have a great day:) Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x




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