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Bibiche is a Dutch girl, with a French name and a half Maltese baby girl.  She doesn’t believe in sizes, and always wears (at least) one size up. As well as the obsession with stealing from the boyfriend’s wardrobe. Comfort before fashion (whoops, did I just say that?) 
I really am trying to beat the Monday blues with this funky bag, in combination with these comfy blue track pants. Mixing and (mis) matching different prints and patterns is one of my favourite things to do. Stripes? Yes please! Snake, leopard-print? Gimme, gimme! 
Work and play in my leather pants with his shirt. His shirt is the star of the show – it works with every outfit, all year around, day and night. Everybody should own a white shirt (and a full time babysitter). If I wouldn’t be on duty tonight, I would have simply changed my espadrilles into heels and danced the night away..
Off duty dressing! For both of us 🙂 I always try to avoid being too feminine, just because it doesn’t feel right on me. You won’t often find me all dressed & glammed up. However, on date night, I like to at least make the effort. This see-through top with high wasted skinny (!) jeans, and a pair of sparkly heels is the look of the night. Ah, and those heels – I could walk in them for hours! What a bonus.
Today I am working from home, while juggling a baby on the side. Messy and long days, that’s what motherhood is all about. Tiring, but o, so rewarding. Perfectly shown in these pictures. As you can see, I didn’t even bother to stand up when paparazzi (pun intended) came in, to capture the not-so-exciting outfit of the day #sorrybutnotsorry
My style, at the beginning of this week, is quite similar to that at the end of the week. More is never too much. More glitter, more textures, mixed in with more styles for (most importantly) more comfort. Say hello to my sparkly Friday look – business on top and comfy at the bottom. It’s time for a caffeine boost after finishing my articles. It’s the weekend after all!
This Saturday, was a beautiful day – not too hot, not too cold – so, perfect weather to bring out some good, old denim. Double denim, or triple even. I have a serious denim addiction. This outfit worked perfectly for running errands and checking out some new collections (and reflections).


Sunday stands for “Sunday best”. Today I took my box-fresh sneakers, a fun white tee, and combined them with more dressy items like this bag and a blazer. Throw in khaki leggings for good measure, and bingo. A long stroll along the promenade was suddenly a lot more fun!



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