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From the Birgu bazaars with mother, to the glitz and glamour of London’s nightlife & fashion scene with his “fairy Godmother”, Marco always strives to integrate his experiences as inspiration for his designs. This year Malta Fashion week returns to his backyard..

Growing up learning about fabrics, binding and the basics by his mother, at 14 he ran her boutique store & haberdashery – embracing the local clients as family, understood their needs perfectly – now..

The first thing in the morning, you..?

Check my phone.

You never leave the house without..?

My phone.

Words of wisdom to live by?

Never look back – always think positive – whatever happens, happens.

Latest music obsession?

Crux – a local band.

Guilty pleasure?

Hahaha I have so many but I don’t want to tell you.

What’s next on your bucketlist?

Travel to India.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done?

Hahaha again something I can’t mention!

Please Tell us!

Ok ok – A good night out in London I think.. 

Ahh, London?

Haha. Yes – living in London was one big adventure – an amazing experience. I was expressing my art, creativity and living with a very popular artist, who tought me a lot. The crazy partying was a lot of fun, but the time I spent there was also a total learning curve for me.


When did you experience the famous aha moment?

I think it was at that time when I lived in London. I was confused and debating coming back to Malta. I had to leave Malta on Christmas Eve, and that was very difficult. After all the experiences in the UK and all over, I found out about Fashionweek 2014 and decided to give it a try. It was a big success. I had never experienced this sort of thing, the feedback was amazing and people loved what I did! My collection was quite risky, because of the words I had printed. The words that I used were a bit..




Yeah. All this momentum gathered pace at the same time that the referendum for civil same sex marriages was taking place.  This was highly important and influential in my designs so I decided to go for common phrases often used within the LGBT community. Since the Maltese public is generally quite conservative, that created a mini scandal, which also happens to be part of my name Parascandalo, so I went for it.

Fashion week followed shortly afterwards, and it all came together. I never planned all of this or gave it too much thought to be honest, but the universe handles certain things itself.

I couldn’t agree more Skandlu! How was your first show – scary?

Quite, because I wasn’t sure how people were gonna take my message since it was a bit scandalous & provocative.

Still, I have certain pieces I’m scared to show, because they’re too revealing or ‘too out there’ – but I never let anything hold me back and push to portray it in a way that it’s perhaps not so controversial.

Are there so said ‘scary’ pieces coming up in this show?

There are a couple of pieces that might raise an eyebrow. Haha.


What is your favorite piece? In your personal wardrobe?

My collection of mesh t-shirts and sweaters. A couple of them are done by me and a couple done by retailers. I love mesh like netting. I like see through, I won’t wear them right on my skin because I don’t have the body for that but I love layering them.

So mesh and netting are your favorites! Tell me more about the fabrics you used please, because I’m a fabric fanatic!

This year I used all local fabrics. Mesh, lace, fringe, gabardine and a lot of ribbon. I think I used about 1000 meters of ribbon.

Ribbons are everywhere! 

Local products as in from your mums bazaar?

I wish, I wish, I wish! She closed the shop when I moved to London – she obviously couldn’t run it without me 😉

I bet! By the way – the fringe on these pants.. perfection!

fabricsThanks for appreciating – It was my biggest challenge. I have a lot of it in the collection. The fringe is all stitched on one by one. It took about 2 months. Just on fringe!! 

The first collection was inspired by London, last year it was a bit more free – colors, whites, blues and greys. This year it’s based on black so it’s a bit more dark, a bit more intriguing..

How would you describe the Parascandalo customer in 3 words?

Fun, eccentric and outgoing. 

If you could see any celebrity wearing your clothes – who would it be?

Local? Haha. I never really thought about it.. I would like to see someone that is in pop music perhaps. For example Beyonce. Or maybe a band. HAIM – 3 girls very like long hair, alternative looking. They are totally different to me but I think that my collection is very versatile to all genre of music.

If you could collaborate with a designer or artist – who would it be and why?

I would love to meet the creative director of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci. His work inspires me a lot, I admire his versatility, and his way of putting his brand out there is soooo unique. He is not a typical designer that just designs and that’s it, you know? There is the whole marketing plan on instagram, the Givenchy gang, and all these interesting methods of promoting the brand. Meeting him would be a major opportunity because I could ask a lot of questions. And collaborate! Imagine that!

What is your next step on the local scene?

There are some potential projects but they are very much still in the early stages of development.. So you will have to wait and see!

How exciting – I intent to do just that!  Till then, I will just look forward to Tuesday, which will undoubtedly be an amazing show = ) 


Best of luck!


www.parascandalo.com ph. PaulTGF You can also find me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM


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