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Fashionweek is in full swing and the star shaped fort is filled with talent! Let me introduce you to the stars that stole last nights show in Fort st Elmo.. 

I just couldn’t get enough of all the lace, ruffles, tassels, fluff, and bright, bold colours! Herminas Reea‘s collection was so playful and yet still so elegant. The details were truly amazing. I was so excited, I was ready to try one of her pieces on and party!
Last time around, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Parascandalo, this year, unfortunately not. Nevertheless, he hasn’t changed his approach, and is still, such a nice guy. His collection, however, did change, though. It got a pop of color, and some really cool prints. Oh, and then the bandanas! I spotted them, in a beautiful blue color, around both the neck and arm – LOOOOOVE! Not to start about the cut- off sleeves. Too good. I wish I could squeeze in all my photos from his show, as there were so many things I loved. These are amongst my favourites. Long story short; well done, you nailed it, again!
Maria Cutajar, an exquisite newcomer, closed yesterdays shows, and, although I was feeling a little tired, her collection really did shake me up and grabbed my full attention. The knitwear! The fabrics! That backless dress.All incredibly impressive. I was instantly sold, and I still am ♡


Backstage photos taken by Kurt Paris

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