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Sleeve styling

You might find yourself wanting to wave at strangers to maximise your sleeve fun!

VampMagazineNow then, lets have a closer look at the shirt,  because it is currently influencing the runways and brands worldwide. Byebye boardroom, hello mainstream! It’s time to give this conservative classic a modern twist. shirtstylingbankerstripe_blogger

Try and wrap it, chop it, button it up or down – right or wrong – just remix it! Wear it oversized, off the shoulder, half tucked into your pants or with no pants and rap it around your waist to sport a ‘shirt skirt’. There are no rules, so don’t you dare bring your beloved, boring version into the office just because its a 2016 bank holiday. Have fun and risk hurray!


Say hi to the bell sleeve, bishop sleeve, ruffle sleeve, extra long sleeves, off the shoulder sleeves, cold shoulder sleeves, fur sleeves and balloon sleeves! Pick your favorite style and wear it all season long 🙂



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