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Hey there, all well? Its been a bit quiet on the blog as I was busy with other projects which I can proudly start explaining to you now!

Long story short: I have seen the light. Not the Maltese sunlight, but THE Light. Thanks to Malta too. My life has completely changed for the better, since I moved here in 2011. Together with my Maltese better half, and, of course, my half Maltese/ half Dutch little girl, I am chasing my dream. Allow me take you along with me on this journey!


What you maybe didn’t know, is that I have always been a sucker for vintage, traditions, anything old school, and I have always worked within the fashion industry, since I really am fascinated with both clothes and fabrics.

I ended up doing what I love most, which is styling. Styling myself(mostly) and sharing images of specific looks and collaborations on my blog. Lately I’m also lucky enough to style other models for numerous editorials, both local and internationally, and of course, my little girl and I play dress up games all the time too. The dream became a reality.


Unfortunately, recently, I lost my sparkle with fashion and got a little disheartened when discovering that while I am trying to help clients look and feel good about themselves, fashion was disempowering people elsewhere.


I started to learn and educate myself on fashions sustainable field, and quickly came to realize that we should focus on what we have, and what’s around. Shortly after, on an adventure in Gozo, I stumbled upon an elderly woman making lace.

I immediately fell in love with the local craft, and couldn’t think about anything else anymore. My imagination took over and even when trying to get some rest, in my sleep this “lace lady” popped up. Now I learned, that apparently, dreaming is a form of planning.


So, where this is going? Buckle up, because I’m going to take you on my honest startup journey to preserve the culture and heritage of Malta’s classic lace making craft.

I have no experience, but a great idea and positive feedback, which for me seems enough to just get started. Update you soon and get in touch should you like to be involved in any capacity!



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