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It was meant to be!


Hi there all well? Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last post where I explained my new (very long shot) project to save Maltese lace. As Abraham Lincoln said:

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Now, I know that lace is already being created and people are still creating it, so what I’m doing is nothing new. A new design is what I’m proposing, thanks to the wise words of a lady called Rozina, from Gozo’s Craftvillage.

She made me think, after she told me that one of the reasons that Maltese lacemaking is dying, is because the new generation buy modern houses and they don’t seem to be interested any longer in a lace table runner/ doily. Trends change.

Also, the lace bookmarks, that were once so popular, are now totally ignored due to the emergence of e-readers and audiobooks. Time changes, trends change! ..But do they? Don’t they make come backs? Some of them don’t even ever go away. This picture explains it all.


Anyway – I had to think of a way to make the lace ‘fashionable’ again, and at the same time it had to be practical, because lace isn’t easy to wash and very delicate. Attached to clothes was immediately dismissed as it wouldn’t survive being tumble dried. It had to be an accessory for special occasions. I thought of the lace baptism dress of my daughter that has been in the family for maaaaany years.

The next morning it clicked. Or clipped, rather. It clicked when I clipped a bow onto Lola’s hair, like had done on any other morning, just like my own mum used to do to me.

A bow! A lace bow! It would be used at highlights in life such as baptism, holy communions, birthdays, Sundays or everyday. A piece, that just like the baptism dress – would be passed on for generations – just like the one my daughter wore.

That way, it will keeping the lace, and its tradition, alive. Generation after generation. The tradition will be passed on, and lace will get new life, after life, after life! The circle of life, the circle of lace.

My good old bowshow continues!



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